Mary Lou Krauss retiring on June 30

Mary Lou Krauss

Thank You Mary Lou

For 23 years, as our Environment and Art Coordinator, Mary Lou Krauss has enhanced our worship and inspired our spirits with her simple but elegant designs in our worship space and throughout our entire parish complex. At the end of this month, Mary Lou will retire, and while we will miss her and the beauty she brought to our lives, we wish her the very best.

Art and Environment Coordinator

With the retirement of Mary Lou Krauss, St. Margaret Mary Parish is seeking an Art and Environment Coordinator. The position is 20 hours a week on average. The Coordinator, working with a volunteer committee, provides an environment to enhance, support, and illumine the liturgical action taking place in worship, and to draw people into prayer. The candidate should have knowledge of liturgy and liturgical design, and can work well with a volunteer committee. Specific duties include: decorating worship areas as related to liturgical seasons, recruiting and supporting volunteers, ordering and organizing materials, managing a budget, and collaborating with parish staff and committees. For a complete job description, please contact Fr. Paul Hottinger, at the parish office, 630-369-0777.

Change in Mass Schedule for June through August


During the summer, many of our parishioners take advantage of the time to get away with their families for vacations or plan activities which keep them busy during the weekends. We see a noticeable drop in attendance, especially at the 12:15 PM Sunday Mass. Because of this, it has been decided that this summer, we will drop the 12:15 PM Mass during the Sundays in June through August. The remaining Mass times will remain the same.

The beginning of the Baptismal Rite, which we would normally do at the 12:15 PM Mass, will be moved to the 10:45 AM Mass on our regular Baptismal Sundays.

As usual, we do encourage parishioners to use the the automated donation service provided by Parish Pay for your convenience. This is a simple way to donate to the parish.

Thank you for your continued support for St. Margaret Mary Parish and we hope this summertime change will not cause any inconvenience, and everyone has a safe and blessed summer season.

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